Flexible Circuit Assembly SMT-FLEX® Polyester for 30 Years Strong

Flexible Circuit Assembly: To start with, Flexible Circuit Assembly has been going strong for over 30 years.  Additionally, SMT Polyester Assembly has used in high end assemblies for decades.  For example, in the mid 80’s I remember sitting in the room full of Motorola Engineers and talking about Satellites, and the possibility of the MicroTAC […]

Flex Heater:

Flexible Heater Materials: Introducing Wire-Write® flexible heater technology. A new digital manufacturing process.  By eliminating the etching process, our heaters can be manufactured on virtually any substrate.  Designed for low-temperature applications  We process on Paper, Cloth, Polyester, PEN, Polyimide, or a variety of other flexible materials. Flexible Heater Temperatures: Our heater is designed for low-temperature […]

PSA Lamination

PSA Lamination: PSA Lamination on Roll-To-Roll Flexible Circuits.   Automated Assembly Corporation’s laminating capability enables us to provide Roll-To-Roll lamination services up to 48″ wide.  Typical lamination includes PSA, or thermal adhesives, vinyl, and Polyester layers to the base flex circuit.  Lamination of clear liners over Digital Graphics, photographs, or protecting RFID package with a […]