High Volume Roll-To-Roll LED Strip Manufacturing by Automated Assembly Corporation®.  We meet the high volume, and high-quality demands of the Automotive and Aerospace markets.  Designed for continuous manufacturing with the elimination of splices to offer our customers the Best-in-Class quality. Manufacturing LED Strips: Automated Assembly Corporation® is a custom manufacturer of high volume and high quality […]

Sales and Marketing Position

Technical Sales & Marketing Professional Job Description: Automated Assembly is looking for an organized Sales and Marketing Manager with knowledge of electronic circuits, LED Lighting and RFID to manage the sales revenue. Automated is a thirty-year old company that has a long history as a contract manufacturer and the original patent-holder of flexible circuitry Worldwide.  […]

Reel Storage for SMT Manufacturing

Reel Storage Keeps SMT Components Safe https://youtu.be/yjuxIolV7Sw Automated Assembly Corporation® purchases ESSEGI Automation for SMT Reel Storage.  It is true, keeping components environmentally is critical for Electronic Manufacturing Services.  Of course, when our inventory is received, we verify every bar code, then every lot number, finally every quantity, before components go into inventory.  In fact, […]

NFC Tags

NFC Tags Graphics: NFC Tag Technology: Patented Wire-Write® Technology is our latest release in NFC technology.  With Wire-Write® the etching of the flex circuit and standard inlay technology is eliminated.  Wire-Write® is 100% additive technology eliminating all chemicals in the manufacturing process, and eliminating the inlay layer.  Our NFC tags are very robust, or tamper […]