LED Strip

Automated Assembly® has manufactured the tail light LED Assembly for the Aston Martin since 2007.

Automated’s LED Strip Assembly engineers have developed a process that enables soldering LED’s to lower temperature substrates such as Polyester and PEN.  Our unique reflow process protects heat sensitive components from thermal degradation.

Flexible Circuit Assembly by Automated Assembly Corp

LED Flex Assembly

AAC has also developed a reel-to-reel robotic manufacturing process that ensures placement accuracy of LEDs with a high throughput rate.  Reel to reel assembly delivers a highly efficient product by creating 1000 foot rolls of LED strip assemblies for our client’s manufacturing lines.  This streamlined process helps keep costs low.

LED Manufacturing

Flex Circuit Manufactured in Reel-to-Reel SMT Flex® technology is one of the most rugged inter-connect technologies available today.  Our products have been tested in extreme conditions without failure.  This combination of durability and cost effectiveness make Reel to Reel illumination ideal for ultra high volume applications.  This solution is perfect for markets like automotive, which manufacture for operation in tough environments.