Wide Format Digital Printing

  • The world’s fastest 64-inch roll-to-roll printer, outdoor banners can be printed at 1,710 sq/ft hr and indoor POP at 610 sq/ft hr
  • Up to 40 % reduction in ink/printing costs compared to other 64” roll-to-roll technologies
  • Industrial designed production printer capable of printing higher print volumes and built to withstand high duty cycles
  • Very high print quality across a wide range of applications without having to significantly compromise productivity by reducing speed
  • Extremely easy and fast media loading and automatic switching with the support of 2 in-line rolls
  • On-the-fly quality assurance technology facilitates unattended printing and reduced print waste
  • Automated maintenance provides consistent print quality and higher uptime

Digital Printing Photographic Quality RFID

UV Fade Resistant

The UV Digital printer is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications
It delivers a large color gamut, similar to solvent inks, but combines this with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex systems.  Tested for fade resistance, the UV Digital ink is considered best in class.

RFID Tag Graphic Printing

High-speed printing in master rolls allows perfect graphics on RFID Tags.  Designed for rugged environments, our inks must pass an abrasion test, heat and humidity, and UV exposure testing.  Final testing includess drop testing, and thermal shock.  


Outdoor Banners are a high-demand application in the wide-format market. The UV printer stands out in this segment with its wide color gamut and scratch-resistance features. We manufacture our RFID tags specifically for long durability.

rfid tag solutions - Rugged RFID Tags

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