RFID Tuning

RFID Tuning and RF Tuning Completed on State Of The Art RF Simulation software.  We work will all chip manufacturers and design custom RFID tags and assemblies.

RFID Prototype

Manufacturing and prototype, we handle every form of RF chip.  From Wafer, Die, Packaged Die, and Lead-Frame.  Available on a wide variety of substrates.  Our standard material set is Polyimide, Polyester and PEN films.  Our Wire-Write® technology is chemical free offering manufacturing on Paper, Synthetic Paper, and cloth based materials.

RFID Manufacturing

RFID Tuning monitored in the manufacturing process.  100% of our tags inspected for correct tuning and response.  Our in-house automation allows us to manufacture the chip in any location, even around a 3D part.

RFID by Automated Assembly Corp