Laser Cutting

Automated Assembly® Corporation has laser cutting and excising capability. This capability saves time and money by eliminating the process of tooling. AAC provides fast turn prototypes with high quality part definition. Our laser system has vision registration and high accuracy repetition. Laser cut products are available in discrete part or in roll to roll form.

UV Laser Cutting

Medical Flex will typically use UV Cutting. The advantage of UV Laser Cutting is low carbon build-up on the edge of flex. With optically guided laser beams, precise cuts are made in Polyester, PEN or Polyimide based flex circuits.

This laser system enables intricate outline or cut line definitions that were not possible with tooling.  Products can be “kiss cut” on an interleaf liner so that parts can be delivered on a roll and then peeled off for assembly.

AAC has intelligent buffer with automatic data compression which stores your files with all the settings; files are addressable and repeatable in any order and then may be deleted after completion to free memory.  Buffer can be switched to single file mode.  Our LCD display shows current file name, laser power, laser speed, run time, files loaded, and diagnostic menus.  Our current largest maximum part size laser dimensions are 37 inches wide by 23 inches deep and 9 inches thick.  Our machines have the ability to Z-axis, auto focus; X-Y beam positioning with r acer motion technology, and enhanced vector cutting with system status indicator for optimum performance.

Roll-To-Roll Laser Cutting

We have multiple high volume Roll-To-Roll lasers for manufacturing Medical SMT-Flex®, Roll-To-Roll LED Strips, or RFID Tag manufacturing.  Our lasers are optically guided to eliminate tolerance buildup as seen in the flex industry.  We use the latest UV laser technology to reduce carbon char on the edges. 

Large Format Laser Cutting

Applications that require large Acrylic sheet cutting, we have the capability of cutting sheet sizes up to 5’x10’.  CO2 lasers cut acrylic with a clean edge eliminating the flaming process for saw cut acrylics.

LPG Micro-Dotting

As a leader in micro-dotting for designs with light, we can transform Acrylic using our light guide technology.  Perfect for accent lighting in Automotive applications

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