What is Wire-Write® Technology?

         Welcome to Wire-Write® Technology.  Invented and Patented by Automated Assembly Corporation®.  This new Technology was invented to eliminate chemicals in the Flex Circuit manufacturing process.  100% digital with high-speed robotics, insulated wires can be placed in exact locations with electronics.  Initial projects will be for low component counts.

How will Wire-Write® be used?

There are many markets that will benefit from Wire-Write® Technology.  For example RFID tags can be manufactured without chemicals.  Customers have reported a 20% improved read range, and the flexibility for wearable technology.  Flex Heaters can be manufactured without flex.

What Components go with Wire-Write®?

Our first release is die from wafer.  We have the ability to attach Wire-Write® Technology to .008″x.008″ die.  Our first application is RFID.

Is Wire-Write® Strong?

Our initial testing shows Wire-Write® to be more flexible than flexible circuits.  We have passed 1,000,000 bend tests, Automotive Thermal Shock, UV, Accelerated Aging, to name a few.

Does Wire-Write® have material advantages?

Yes, Since Wire-Write® does not require etching chemicals for processing, we can manufacture disposable electronics on paper for example.  Testing has begun on cloth and other materials.

What Does Wire-Write® Scrap Look?

In comparison, a one month run of RFID tags using traditional Inlay technology will yield multiple 4’x4′ pallets of copper scrap.  With Wire-Write® our scrap has been one Dixie Cup.

Is Wire-Write® Live?

Yes, our first Wire-Write program is in production.  In fact, we are aggressively setting up our next lines to support growth.

Can we have Graphics?

Yes – We offer the next generation graphic ink set with Wire-Write®.  We can run Roll-To-Roll in 1800 DPI if required.

Can you tune Wire-Write®?

Yes, We can tune Wire-Write® to virtually any frequency.  We start by running the material stack-up through our simulation software, then write the pattern.  Tuned Frequencies today are 13.56, NFC, 915, 870. 

1800 DPI Graphics for Wire-Write®

Are you selling Wire-Write® Systems?

No – This is a Patented Technology by Automated Assembly Corporation.  We are supplying Turn-Key services for customers.

How about Wire-Write® Heaters?

Yes, This is a perfect Technology for Wire-Write® Heaters.  Our first market will be disposable heaters.  The technology best fits low temperature heaters.  Up to 150C.

How Do we get Samples?

After NDA has been signed, we will manufacture samples to form fit and function.  Manufactured 100% in the USA.