Flexible Circuit Assemblies

Surface Mount Technology and SMT-Flex® have changed the world forever.  It seems like yesterday when a phone call was made from a rotary phone, or you had to pump the brake pedals in the car to stop.  Even more, we had adding machines, typewriters, and cars that would not run well if it was raining out.  Today everywhere you look SMT-Flex® has played a critical role in the miniaturization, and reliability of the end assembly.  The first major success story for SMT-Flex® was the ABS brake system by Texas Instruments.   SMT-Flex® was the only material available that could handle the thermal shock of an automotive brake system.  The first tests were completed on the ABS breaks showing data that SMT-Flex® could handle 1,000 thermal shocks from -55C to 125C with a ten-second transition from hot to cold.  With this, a revolution was born for lighter, stronger, more reliable assemblies.  The market aggressively grew to the first cell phone in the world by Motorola, the first pocket calculators by Texas Instruments, the first Cam and Crank sensor by Honeywell Microswitch, The first LEDs used in Hard Drives by Seagate, the First Engine Control Units, the first color cameras by Polaroid, the first RFID tags by Intermec, and the first wearable computers to name a few.  Not bad for the ’80s. 

SMT-Flex® has come a long way since the beginning.  Today Flexible Circuit Assemblies can be manufactured on Polyimide, Polyester, PEN, Paper, TPU, and other exotic films to name a few.  High-speed vision inspects 100% of every SMT component before its placed, 100% of every polarity, 100% of every solder joint.  Recently we have added 2D matrix identification so our customer Quality Engineers can get real-time data on any assembly in the field.  Customers looking to use Automated Assembly® Corporation can now get Flexible Circuit Assemblies supplied in roll form with all AOI data provided for your automation.  We are continually advancing the world standard of SMT-Flex®

Flexible Circuit Assembly: SMT-Flex®

High Volume Roll to Roll SMT-Flex® assembly

Roll To Roll “R2R” SMT-Flex®



Flexible Circuit Assembly

Flexible Circuit Design and SMT-Flex® design is critical to the success of the end application.  We offer a wide range of films to make your application a success.  Component layout, pad design, conductor routing, via locations are all critical when the circuit has to flex during the life of the assembly.  We assist in this design process to specify component rotations, bend line problems, material stack-up assistance, and overall choice of flexible circuit films.  From adhesive-based films to adhesiveless films, we are here to help you.

Robotic Assembly

Automated Assembly® uses high-speed robotics to place odd-shaped components.  Furthermore, all end effectors, software, vision, lighting, AI motion profiles are created in-house by our automation team.  With full machining capability and 3D printing capability, our robotic projects are usually implemented on a fast-track timeline.    

Flexible circuit assembly - Denso Robot for SMT Flex Manufacturing

Roll-To-Roll SMT-Flex® Manufacturing

Automated Assembly® uses fully automated Roll-To-Roll Assembly lines.  From Stencil Print, Pick & Place, Reflow, AOI, Robotic Assembly, Lamination, Jetting, Digital Printing, 2D Matrix tracking.    Imagine using your cell phone to scan the Flexible Circuit Assembly and having full detail about your assembly.  Assemblies starting as low as 10,000 units can typically be manufactured in Roll-To-Roll. 

High Volume Roll To Roll SMT-Flex® Manufacturing

Flexible Circuit Assembly - Pick & Place

Flexible Assembly Automation starts with best-in-class Pick & Place equipment.  Our latest-generation pick & place equipment uses linear motors for the highest accuracy and repeatability.  Every component is optically inspected for correct size, shape, and bent leads before placement.  Our standard lines place virtually every SMT component available.  From 0201 –to 55 mm square at high speed.  Special processing such as Pin-In Paste, Flip Chip, and OFA

Flexible Circuit Assembly Universal-Pick Place

Flip Chip on Flexible

From Standard SMT-Flex® to Flip-Chip on Flex.  Automated Assembly® Corporation can supply a turn-key assembly.  Our advanced wafer processing can handle up to 25 wafers on a single assembly.  Whether it is Flip Chip or Pads Down, our automation can handle wafer processing at high speed.  We are proud to have the first Roll-To-Roll wafer processing line.    

Flexible Circuit Assembly Bare Die

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