SMT-Flex® Assembly

Automated Assembly® Corporation, a world-class leader in flexible circuit assembly.  Furthermore, manufactures in high volume Roll-To-Roll. In addition, SMT-Flex® Assemblies on Polyester, Polyimide, and PEN.  Without a doubt, we are the world leader in Flex Assembly Technology.  Of course, it is true, Today, we offer the next generation Flex Circuit Technology. In fact, new Flex Circuit Technology for RFID, LED, Medical, Wearable, Sensor, IoT, and Heater Technology.  

Flexible Circuit Assembly: SMT-Flex®

High Volume Roll to Roll SMT-Flex® assembly

Roll To Roll “R2R” SMT-Flex®



Surface Mount Flexible Assembly Manufactured Roll-To-Roll

      Granted, Automated Assembly® Corporation is the first company to manufacture SMT Flex® in Roll-To-Roll.  Nevertheless, standard flex includes Polyimide, Polyester and PEN based films.  By all means, our next generation flex technology allows processing on Paper, Cloth, Vinyl, or your new film.   For example, Destructible RFID Tags.  In addition, Paper Flex Heaters.  To put it another way,  the next generation Flex Circuit Technology has come to life.  

AAC has experience working with most SMT components.  For instance, tape & reel or Wafer size.  In addition, all flex substrates or PSA materials.  In other words, our solutions are cost-effective.   Even more, RFID, Medical, Automotive, LED, pharmaceuticals. AAC has the technical expertise and resources to tackle any SMT project on flexible circuits or assembly.  New Technology allows Destructible RFID Sticker Tags, Paper Heaters, and microelectronic assembly. 

Flexible Assembly

                   Flexible Circuit Assembly  is manufactured with high degrees of automation.  At Automated Assembly® Corporation we are automation experts.  Creating in-house robotic cells for every application.  SMT Flex® is assembled using the latest SMT technology for high-speed automated placements.  In areas where a specialized assembly is required, we manufacture our own XYZ gantry systems and robotic systems for Flexible Circuit Assembly Cells.  All our automation is optically guided, with all code being written in-house.  Have custom applications, we have custom solutions.   Robotic assembly aids our operators for high speed, and exceptional quality, Vision guided assemblies, High-Speed Surface Mount Technology “SMT”, Worlds leader in  Roll to Roll assembly lines.  AOI and Flex vision AI, with Robotic packaging.  


Flexible Assembly

Flexible Circuit Assembly

Flexible Wire-Write® Technology by Automated Assembly® Corp.

At Automated Assembly® Corporation, Assembly on Flex is our core business. In fact, we only do flex. High volume Roll-To-Roll Flex, Polyimide Flex Assembly, Polyester Flex Assembly, PEN Flex Assembly, Paper Flex Assembly, and Wire-Write® Flex Assembly. Of course, we offer the highest DPI graphics in the world, along with Optical Inspection, Lamination, Robotic Assembly, Wire Bonding, Die from Wafer, 3D Printing, Laser Excising, and custom automation cells.

wearable nfc tag

Flexible Assembly

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