SMT-Flex® Circuit

Flexible Circuit Assembly by Automated Assembly Corp

Automated Assembly Corporation®, a world-class leader in flexible circuit assembly.  Furthermore, manufactures in high volume Roll-To-Roll. In addition, SMT-Flex™ Assemblies on Polyester, Polyimide, and PEN.  Without a doubt, we are the world leader in Flex Assembly Technology.  Of course, it is true, Today, we offer the next generation Flex Circuit Technology. In fact, new Flex Circuit Technology for RFID, LED, Medical, Wearable, Sensor, IoT, and Heater Technology.

 World leader in High volume Roll-To-Roll SMT Flex™ assembly on Polyester, Polyimide, and PEN Laminates.  SMT Flex™ has transformed the world of flexible electronics for over 30 years.   Join Automated Assembly™ for our next generation technology release in flexible circuit assembly.  Our new technology allows Chemical Free Flex circuit assembly. Designed for meet the needs of Chemical Free RFID Tags, Chemical Free Heaters, or flexible circuit assemblies that need to be lighter, smaller, more flexible, wearable.