PSA Lamination

PSA Lamination

PSA Lamination on Roll-To-Roll Flexible Circuits. Automated Assembly® Corporation’s laminating capability enables us to provide Roll-To-Roll lamination services up to 48″ wide.  Typical lamination includes PSA, or thermal adhesives, vinyl, and Polyester layers to the base flex circuit.  Lamination of clear liners over Digital Graphics, photographs, or protecting RFID package with a cover film.  Adding PSA in roll form for single- or double-sided assemblies.  Our inline digital imaging capability allows us to print high-quality graphics up to 1,800 DPI on the cover film in a cost-effective manner. Each part can have a unique brand name or image.

Flex Circuit Lamination

Lamination Alignment

Our laminators are controlled by a sophisticated alignment system, giving us the ability to provide high quality yet cost-effective products in a roll to roll format.  Optically guided lamination makes combining multiple layers possible.  Even pressure, even tension, optically guided unwind, makes roll lamination possible.

ESD Control

Lamination of electronic SMT-Flex™ assemblies can generate huge ESD potential.  Our Lamination equipment is highly modified with all rolls and webs, controlled for ESD.  

Tension Control

Web tension is controlled with computer tension control.  Modified for Roll-To-Roll lamination, tension control is critical in the process for perfect lamination.