Roll To Roll Assembly

Roll to Roll Flex Assembly

Automated Assembly® Corporation is a world leader in high volume Roll-to-Roll flex circuit assembly and polyester RFID technology.  Our products are 100 times more reliable in thermally active environments than conductive adhesives.  Our Roll-to-Roll process begins with rolls that are over 3 football fields in length and only 12″ wide.  The process uses 100% optical recognition, eliminating the use of tractor feed systems and expensive rotary punching.

roll to roll SMT

Roll to Roll SMT Flex®

AAC maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and trained staff to ensure total production control and precision.  Fully automated Roll-to-Roll assembly lines are used to process 1,000 ft. master rolls of flexible circuits.  The process of populating these large rolls is fast, reliable, and very cost-effective.  All Automated Assembly® robots are designed, fabricated, and maintained in-house. Over the past two decades Automated Assembly® Corp. has developed Roll-to-Roll assembly and worked diligently to become the first in the world to place IC’s, Flip Chip’s, and standard SMT components in a fully automated Roll-to-Roll assembly process.