Flex Heater

Flexible Heater Materials

Introducing Wire-Write® Flexible Heater Technology. A New Digital Manufacturing Process. By Eliminating The Etching Process, Our Heaters Can Be Manufactured on Virtually Any Substrate. Designed for Low-Temperature Applications We Process on Paper, Cloth, Polyester, Pen, Polyimide, Or A Variety of Other Flexible Materials.

custom flexible heaters - Wire-Write®
Flex Heater Technology by Automated Assembly® Corp

Flexible Heater Temperatures

Our heater is designed for low-temperature applications. Wire-Write® heater technology manufactured with a Polyimide coated copper wire, on low-temperature films. Applications that require temperatures below 100°C is a perfect application for this technology.

Flex Heater Design

Four engineering team will custom design a Wire-Write® heater to meet the thermal requirements of the application. We will need the physical size constraints, the proposed base material, the input voltage, and the desired temperature.

Flexible Heater Inspection

During the manufacturing process of Wire-Write® heater, we complete 100% in-process optical inspection of every part. Manufactured with high speed, high accuracy robotic automation, the last heater will be produced with the same tolerance as the first.

Flex Heaters Going Green

Wire-Write® is digital processing with high-speed automation. Thin copper conductors are laid down by Automated Assembly® Corporation Patented Wire-Write® process. Our Heater Technology has eliminated the etching process used by all other PCB, and Flex PCB heater manufacturers. We eliminate base acrylic adhesive, lamination of copper, micro-etching, photo-resist, chemical etching, and stripping. Moreover, plating, anti-tarnish, solder mask, have also been eliminated. We are proud to announce Wire-Write® eliminated 99% of all chemicals used in our manufacturing process. The only thing left is going green.

Flexible Heater Flexibility

Wire-Write® conductors are very flexible. The base material selection can improve flexibility, or degrade flexibility depending on the requirement. For example, Polyester Wire-Write® has passed 1,000,000 flex cycles. Wire-Write® with electronics have passed 12,000 cycles. Every application is different and will require testing based on material sets, environment, and life expectancy.

Flexible Heater Availability

Wire-Write® heaters are for Business to Business customers only. High volume Roll assembly is perfect fit. Our typical roll starts at 500’ or an estimated 50K credit card size heaters.
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