Flexible Circuit Assembly SMT-FLEX® Polyester for 30 Years Strong

Flexible Circuit Assembly

To start with, Flexible Circuit Assembly has been going strong for over 30 years.  Additionally, SMT Polyester Assembly has used in high end assemblies for decades.  For example, in the mid 80’s I remember sitting in the room full of Motorola Engineers and talking about Satellites, and the possibility of the Microteach cell phone replacing the Pager.  By the same token, Statements like this would obsolete the home phone, and everybody would carry one someday.  Although I agree, it seemed a little far-fetched at the time.

SMT Assembly

Flexible Circuit Assembly was popular in the mid 80’s with wave soldering for interconnecting, but going from SMT Kapton “Polyimide” to clear Polyester circuit to get the keypad to light seemed like an engineering challenge.  Low melting point Mylar®, and high melting point 63/37 solder in high volume.   SMT Assembly on Polyester came to life.

Flexible Circuit Assembly – SMT Flex™ Polyester

Flex Circuit Assembly on Polyester

Most importantly, the success of the cell phone has changed the world.  References: PC World reported the StarTAC at #6 in the 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years and sold more than 60 million StarTAC phones.  Flexible Circuit Assembly with Automated Assembly® Corporation SMT Flex assembly.

Flexible Circuit Assembly 30 Years

In Conclusion, Flexible Circuit Assembly is over 30 years strong.  SMT Polyimide, and now SMT Polyester have passed the test of time.  Both technologies responding as if they were manufactured yesterday.  Making the electronics world lighter, more flexible, and now more reliable over time.  Many new industries are adopting flex circuits such as LED Light Strips for thermal management, RFID Windshield Sticker Tags for Long Life, ABS Breaks for Thermal Shock, Aviation Air Bags for reliability, flexible heaters for conformability, medical flex for size.  Many industries requiring high reliability have SMT Flex™ assemblies in service for over 2 decades.

Roll to Roll Assembly

Automated Assembly® Corporation is you Flexible Circuit Assembly specialist.  We offer ultra-high-volume Roll to Roll, on Polyester, Polyimide and PEN based films.  Fast turn, and prototype volumes are also available.    Ask our sales team about the next generation flex. Patented Wire-Write® Chemical Free Flex Circuit Technology


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