Announcing INFOSKIN® a Wearable NFC Tag

Wearable NFC Tag

Automated Assembly® Corporation CEO Scott Lindblad announced the INFOSKIN®. A Wearable NFC tag today at MD&M West 2015. INFOSKIN® is an NFC enabled information tag. Manufactured with skin adhesive designed to be worn on the human body. INFOSKIN® uses patent Wire-Write® technology by AAC. Thus, eliminating the inlay used in RFID technology. The INFOSKIN® tag is a uniquely flexible, comfortable, and green technology.  Lindblad reported that this new technology has improved NFC read range when compared to same size etched inlays.


Lindblad said that INFOSKIN® will have multiple applications in the medical industry to improve patient care, the ease of updating patient records, and automatic time stamps for all patient activity.

INFOSKIN® High Volume

Lindblad added that INFOSKIN® is manufactured on new robotic lines developed by Automated Assembly® Corporation, located in Lakeville, Minn. The INFOSKIN® production line is designed to produce hundreds of millions INFOSKIN® tags yearly.

INFOSKIN® App Software

INFOSKIN® Tags, application software for Android or Apple, and database management are offered as a turn-key solution. Tags will be offered in clear, or customer specified pantone colors.

Photos of the INFOSKIN® Wearable NFC Tag

rfid tag solutions - smallest NFC chip
wearable nfc tag

Automated Assembly® Corporation is an industry-leading contract manufacturing firm headquartered in Lakeville, Minn. Located in state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot manufacturing facilities with ESD certified conductive flooring, Automated has assembled and supplied products for organizations such as 3M, Aston Martin, and Intermec. Automated specializes in contract manufacturing of assembled flexible circuits, Reel to Reel Flex Circuitry, flexible substrate assembly, LED assembly, Rugged RFID tags, and RFID products.

More information about Automated Assembly® Corporation and INFOSKIN® Tags please contact Roger Ritten at Automated Assembly® Corporation.