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NFC Tag Technology

Patented Wire-Write® Technology is our latest release in NFC technology.  With Wire-Write® the etching of the flex circuit and standard inlay technology is eliminated.  Wire-Write® is 100% additive technology eliminating all chemicals in the manufacturing process, and eliminating the inlay layer.  Our NFC tags are very robust, or tamper proof depending on your application.  With Wire-Write® film choices are virtually endless.  From paper to low-cost plastics, we can process them all since we use no chemicals.

NFC Substrates

For customers who like standard inlay processing, we offer Polyester, PEN, and Polyimide inlay processing to fit your final application requirements.  We can Soldered chips, wire bonded die, or manufacture with conductive adhesives.


Have favorite chip manufacture, no problem.  We work with them all.  NXP, STMicroelectronics, Impinj, or custom ASICs.

NFC Tag Sizes

Custom tag sizes are expected.  With Wire-Write® our digital processing allows us to place the electronics where needed.  Since we have eliminated the photo exposing process, Wet process, and the stripping of resist, our choices are endless.  High-speed digital printing the graphic on one side, Wire-Write® the electronics on the other.

NFC Tag Graphics

Custom digital printing with your company logo, your colors, and your size.  We offer high-speed toner-based, digital printing, and UV digital printing for indoor and outdoor NFC Tag applications.  All we will need is your custom graphic file, and we are off and running.

NFC Custom Tuning

Custom NFC Tags require tuning to get the best performance.  We offer state-of-the-art RFID simulation on customer selected material stack-ups, we then tune the tag to meet your needs.  You don’t have to be an RFID design engineer; we do this work for you.


We offer custom apps to meet the needs of our customers.  With custom apps, we can give you a look and feel you want, along with collecting any data for database management.  We will then stream the real data time to your IT department for your analysis.  Apps and database will have a monthly charge.

NFC Custom Database

We are proud to offer our customers Database and dashboard management.  We can share GPS locations, Time of reading, what products the customers have interested in.  If you use our temp logger or IoT solutions, we can give you virtually any information you are looking for.

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