High Volume Roll-To-Roll LED Strip Manufacturing by Automated Assembly® Corporation.  We meet the high volume, and high-quality demands of the Automotive and Aerospace markets.  Designed for continuous manufacturing with the elimination of splices to offer our customers the Best-in-Class quality.

Manufacturing LED Strips:

Automated Assembly® Corporation is a custom manufacturer of high volume and high quality LED Strips.  In fact, we have eliminated all splices in our SMT-FLEX® LED strips to offer our customers premium quality lighting.  As a matter of fact, we start with five hundred-foot master rolls of materials and eliminate all splices in the end product to our customers.  The #1 quality concern of splices has been eliminated.

LED Strip Manufacturing

Traceability For Your Strip Lighting:

2D Matrix by Automated Assembly

As the quality requirements go up, so does the requirement for traceability.  In our automated process, we offer full traceability to customers who demand the best.  Starting at receiving inspection our AI software verifies every Label, Bin, Manufacture, date of manufacture, and Color temp to make sure the quality standards are being met.  For assurance we photograph every reel, and link with the strips being manufactured.  If you ever have a quality problem, we have you covered with our 100% traceability.   For your Quality Engineer we offer Apps to 100% track everything that is important to your custom LED strip.

AI Inspection of LED Reels:

Quality starts are receiving inspection.  Every label is 100% verified with Artificial Intelligence software to confirm the LED’s are correct from the manufacturer.  We verify every part number, Date of Manufacture, Lot Number and keep all records for our customers.

LED Receiving Inspection by Automated Assembly Corp

World Class LED Manufacturers:

Our customers have great design teams and pick the best LED from around the world.  Our job is to have the LED Manufacturing Technology for mass production with all approved vendors.  From low volume manufacturing to high volume LED manufacturing, we support all high-end LED Manufacturers.  Our Reel-To-Reel technology keeps trending with the times, always placing smaller and brighter LEDs.  From wafer level to packaged die, let our team assist your application.

LED Assembly Automated Corporation

Single Lane Testing:

Spooling and single-lane LED testing is an everyday event at Automated Assembly® Corporation.  Our custom manufactured LED strips are 100% tested.  Our single-lane testing can fill the requirement from simple on/off testing to lumen output and color.  We back up our data with customer-supplied apps, so your team can see real-time the quality on the line. 


High volume LED Manufacturing requires Automated Optical Inspection.  At Automated Assembly®, 100% of every LED is optically inspected.  Manufacturing to the latest IPC standards, our customers specify Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 assemblies.

Made in the USA!

Sorry, we do not sell our LED strips to the open market.  Our business only supports Business to Business.  Our typical customers are high volume consumers of LED Strips in the Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial Lighting space.   Our minimum roll length is 500 feet by twelve inches.  If you are looking for fully automated Roll-To-Roll LED Strip Manufacturing in volumes over 6,000 feet per order, we are here to assist in your next project.