LED Strip

LED Strip:

Custom LED Strip manufacturing for all LED applications.  First of all, we have the manufacturing technology for LED Assembly.  Additionally, LED manufacturing in High Volume Roll to Roll, or sheet processing.  Furthermore, our LED Assembly Technology includes Polyimide, Polyester, and PEN films for standard processing. On the other hand, Flex Circuit rolls for volume manufacturing are 500’ to 1,000’ long. Granted, LED Strips manufactured in the USA.

Invisible LED Strip:

For invisible LED applications we offer the Wire-Write® technology.  With Wire-Write® we can use optically clear films, and adhesives with a wire interconnect about the size of a human hair.  LED Assembly Manufacturing in the USA.

LED Strip Manufactured on Polyester, PEN, or Polyimide Substrates.

LED Assembly Widths:

We are the custom manufacture of LED Strips in the USA.  Our standard web width is 12” wide.  We have the capability of 17” if needed.  After manufacturing the LED strip, all assembly’s inspection to standards. Strip widths are custom for your application.  We can use standard rule die technology to cut LED’s to width, or we can laser excise the challenging jobs.

LED Thermal:

Flexible Circuits thermal dissipation of heat is an important consideration.  During the design stage, we will use Flir® Thermal Imaging to verify all temperature requirements meet specification.  In LED technology, higher heat is directly related to shorter life.

Strip Adhesives for LED:

Automated Assembly® Corporation is a 3M converter.  We have many PSA’s to choose from, or custom adhesives.  Bonding to aluminum and copper are great thermal dissipaters.  Our Roll Lamination line will apply the PSA with tight registration, and no bubbles or creases.  Optically guided, all webs are in motion to create the perfect lamination.

Flexible LED Circuits:

We offer Flexible Circuits on Polyester, Polyimide or PEN based films.  Manufactured 100% in the USA.  We will recommend films, adhesives, and PSA for your application.

LED Spools:

Wide format flexible circuits are die cut, or laser cut into LED strips.  After cutting, strips are available in piece part, sheets, reels or spools.  For high volume applications, bar code data will be shared ensuring automation success.