Rugged RFID Tags

Rugged RFID Tags

Rugged RFID Tags designed for Windshield Sticker Tags, Tire Tags, NFC Tags are manufactured in high volume Roll to Roll. After all, Automated Assembly® Corporation specializes in designing and building Rugged RFID tags. Even more, manufactured in the USA with high speed automation. First of all, all our Rugged RFID Tags can withstand harsh environments.   Most RFID tags fail when exposed to temperature variations, but our RFID tags have proven mechanically robust, surviving even the rough handling of baggage and package transportation.

Rugged RFID tag

SMTFlex™ Thermal Shock

Other technologies such as anisotropic and conductive polymer adhesives typically fail after only 5 cycles, but our inter-connect solder technology is the most robust in the world.  Automated’s inner-connect solder tags have passed 2,000 hours of thermal shock, from negative -55C to 125C with zero failures.  If you need a tag that can hold up to freezing temperatures and rough handling while still providing an operational read, our Rugged Tag® technology has got the competition whipped.

RFID Typical Application

Our Rugged RFID Tags are built to survive and thrive in all environments.  Our robust design makes these RFID tags ideal for applications that involve extreme temperatures, tough mechanical stressing and exposure to corrosive environments.  Custom inlets allow these tags to go from freezing to boiling without failure.

* Package and material Tracking
* Mounting on windshields or license plates
* Corrosive environments such as heavy industry
* Applications requiring bending and twisting.