Flex Circuit Assembly

Flex Circuit Assembly:

Scott Lindblad is the inventor and world patent holder of Surface Mount Flex (SMT-Flex) technology. Flex Circuit Assembly is available in sheet and in Reel-to-Reel formats.

SMT Flex® innovation was born through Automated Assembly Corporation®.  With us, it continues to grow into new applications”

-Scott Lindblad, Founder and Owner of Automated Assembly™

Flexible Circuit Assembly:

Automated Assembly Corporation® is a world-class leader flex circuit assembly and surface mount technology.  Through the use of cutting-edge assembly technology, Automated continues to pioneer innovation as a supplier of SMT assemblies using flexible circuits.

SMT Flex®:

Component Assembly on flexible circuits is in our DNA.  We offer high-volume Roll-To-Roll assembly on a variety of flexible circuit films.  Polyimide, Polyester, PEN, and recently TPU.  From High-speed die-cutting to Roll-To-Roll laser cutting, we have the solutions to make your flex assembly a success.  Not every assembly is suitable for standard pick & place.  For non-standard assemblies, we offer a wide range of robotic assembly with 4-axis or 6-axis robots, and for high precision assembly, custom gantry robots.     

Surface Mount Components on Flex:

AAC has experience working with various surface mount components, flexible substrates and process materials.  Our solutions are cost effective enough to supply the telecommunications industry and reliable enough for automotive applications.  AAC has the technical expertise and resources to tackle any SMT Flex® project on Flex Circuitry Assembly.  From computers to cell phones, from motorcycles to space craft, Surface Mount Flex, makes a flexible circuit perform at its best.

Flexible Circuit Assembly